NCA Newf Tide Regional Club Submissions


Event Articles

Regional Clubs Coverage of working tests and regional specialties should be submitted by the deadline immediately following the event. Newf Tide deadlines are January 1, April1, July 1, and October 1. Unless permission is obtained from the editor prior to any delay, the article will be printed only on a space available basis.

Plan ahead when submitting information about regional specialty shows. The following must be included for proper coverage: 1) a catalog or clearly marked catalog pages; 2) a separate list of all first place winners noting if a picture is included; 3) pictures with identifying labels on the back or electronic files with pictures appropriately named; 4) Website address of superintendent or show secretary, if the results are available on the Internet; 5) a short article about the event; 6) a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of photos.

If submitting digital photographs, remember that TIFF format and 300 dpi are preferred. Photos with insufficient resolution may be rejected. Send digital photos on disk or contact the editor before sending them via email. Clearly identify all people and dogs in photos. Clearly label all photos and disks. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of photos. Disks will not be returned unless specifically requested.


Regional clubs are allotted two quarter-page ads at no charge each calendar year to promote their activities. If your specialty or working event has a theme, contact the editor to have the theme included with the event information in the calendar.

Club Columns

The purpose of the club columns is to promote communication of interesting projects and activities across the country. Content is limited to information of interest to the general NCA membership. Articles should be a source of ideas to other clubs. Suggested topics about a club’s activities are a special speaker, a panel discussion, a fun event or unique party, fund raising, and workshops. Whenever possible, columns should include specific information about what those in attendance learned.
Columns submitted with inappropriate topics will not be published. The editor will have the sole discretion to return any regional club column deemed inappropriate. Inappropriate topics would include, but are not limited to, a list of dogs and the titles they received during the year, a listing of club events. For example, if a club holds a birthday party for Newfs, complete with party hats, cake, and games, write about the party without listing all those who participated—mentioning the oldest in attendance would be appropriate.

Honoring a special dog for a unique accomplishment would be appropriate, as would be the explanation of special awards given during the club’s year—how the award was initiated, something about the person for whom it was named, etc.
Regional clubs may submit a 250-word column with one picture* to the Newf Tide editor twice a year. in accordance with this schedule. Submissions must be in the quarter assigned as follows, and there will be no exceptions or substitutions.

Columns from clubs listed alphabetically from the Bear Mountain Newfoundland Club through the Newfoundland Club of Northern California shall appear in the 1st and 3rd quarters.

Columns from the Newfoundland Club of San Diego through the Southeastern Newfoundland Club shall appear in the 2nd and 4th quarters.

Submission may be by Word document, in the body of an email, or by hard copy. Submission must include the name, address, and other contact information for the author, who must be an NCA member. The editor will acknowledge receipt of submissions.
All submissions will be edited in accordance with Newf Tide guidelines and policies. Newf Tide policies can be accessed on the NCA website. A copy of the Newf Tide Guidelines will be provided to each regional club upon its completion.

* If a picture is submitted, it will be printed only if space permits and the editor deems it appropriate. The editor will have the sole authority to determine this.

Deadlines are the standard Newf Tide deadlines: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. This the date by which articles are to be received, not mailed.

Columns exceeding 250 words may be sent to the Regional Club Liaison for posting on the NCA website.